Do You Have Auto Hail Damage in Evansville, IN?

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If your car has been bombarded by hail in the Evansville, IN area, you can depend on Dr Ding for quick, high-quality paintless dent removal services. Auto hail damage is often covered by insurance, so we'll work directly with your insurance company to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. To protect your privacy, we don't offer Carfax claims.

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Watch out for these signs of hail damage

Identifying hail damage on your vehicle can be tricky. You should bring your car to a professional for hail dent removal services right away if your car has:

  • Dents in the hood, roof or doors.
  • Cracks in the windshield or windows.
  • Missing, cracked or askew mirrors.

Take care of auto hail damage before it leads to more costly problems down the road. Call 812-455-8889 now to schedule hail dent removal services in the Evansville, IN area.